Biological Lighting: A Key to Well-being

It's no secret that light deeply influences our well-being and health. Biological lighting is a groundbreaking concept that mimics natural light to optimize our circadian rhythm and activity levels. Just as the sun's shifting shades throughout the day, biological lighting adjusts to support our bodily processes. Studies show that this can have positive effects on everything from sleep quality to energy levels and overall well-being.

The Eye: Gateway to Our Internal Clock

Our eyes serve as the gateway to our internal clock. Light is registered by receptors in the eye, stimulating the production of hormones serotonin and melatonin in the brain. These hormones are key to synchronizing our bodily processes and establishing a stable circadian rhythm. However, in a world where we spend the majority of our lives indoors, we need to supplement with biological lighting to maintain our natural rhythm.

Mate Collection: A Holistic Solution

Mate Collection offers a comprehensive solution for biological lighting and circadian rhythm-based illumination. Their innovative lamps are designed to mimic natural light and have been tested and confirmed effective in nursing homes and offices. With pre-programmed protocols, they ensure that light is adjusted to support our natural circadian rhythm, with automatic adjustments of color and brightness during the day and dim orienting light at night. This flexibility makes them suitable for various environments, from healthcare facilities to residences.

Design, Development, and Evaluation

Mate Collection has been developed in close collaboration with Danish design firm Lyhne Design and lighting researcher Joachim Stormly Hansen from the Technical University of Denmark. Design-wise, Mate Collection is designed to not only be innovative but also to fit into various decorative interiors.

User Stories and Research Support

Results from evaluations in Copenhagen and Aarhus show impressive improvements in sleep quality and well-being among residents. Staff report reduced stress and an improved work environment. User stories emphasize that biological lighting not only improves their sleep but also increases their energy levels and quality of life.


Mate Collection represents groundbreaking progress in lighting for health and well-being. By combining science with user-centered design, we have created a product that not only enhances our physical environment but also our internal well-being. With our solutions, you can restore your natural circadian rhythm and let light guide us to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

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