Meet the designers

Färg & Blanche

The design duo Färg & Blanche was founded in 2010 by Swedish designer Fredrik Färg and French-born designer Emma Marga Blanche. Fredrik is educated at HDK in Gothenburg, and Emma at LISAA in France. The duo's Franco-Swedish background has become somewhat of their signature.

They are trained in different perspectives on design, which has both shaped and complemented their working methods. The design process is constantly exploratory, and while Emma asks "why?" Fredrik wonders "how?" With several notable collaborations over the years, including with Gärsnäs, Design House Stockholm, Petite Friture, and Comme des Garcons, Färg & Blanche is now launching a new lamp collection for Belid - Bird.

How did the collaboration with Belid come about, and what was the idea behind it?

We received an inquiry with certain guidelines to follow. The light source was to have a classic E27 socket, and it was, of course, essential that the manufacturing take place in Belid's own factory, where much of the production process is based on metal turning. As designers, having such a local and close-by factory is incredibly inspiring. We quickly decided that we wanted to create a collection that embraced the craftsmanship and knowledge inherent in the walls but with a twist.

Metal turning often starts with symmetrical forms. We started from the opposite - the asymmetrical form, which is also characteristic of the collection. One could say it's a classic Belid lamp in a new expression.

Can you share your design process?

We mix craftsmanship and an industrial process. We draw knowledge from history and blend it with new ways of thinking. We are driven by innovation - a desire to create something new. Fredrik: We like to explore new technology, but craftsmanship is always present in everything we do. We are inspired by art, fashion, and exhibitions, and then we experiment in our workshop when we return home.

The collection is called Bird – how would you describe the lamps?

Asymmetry runs through and defines the lamps. When we started experimenting with the design, we realized that the form had a bit of a bird silhouette. Bird initially became a working name, but the more we sketched, the more the bird became symbolic. Hence the name Bird. The ring also plays a crucial role in Bird's design; it acts as a little collar that brings together the shape and links the two turned details while adding an eye-catching element – whether it's tonal or in contrasting color.

When it comes to color, we ultimately settled on a sandy color with brass details. The color breathes Varberg and the coast and feels just right. The smaller pendant and table lamp come in a larger selection of colors.

Who is the target audience for the collection, and in which environment does it shine?

I believe the lamps will fit well in various environments and contexts, whether it's a cottage in the countryside or a modern architect-designed villa. It has a classic touch in a contemporary expression. Fredrik: I can also see the lamp in a hotel room or a restaurant. The large pendant is truly fantastic over a large table, while the table lamp adds a nice detail to the room.

Finally, do you have any lighting tips?

You need more lamps than you think! Supplement general lighting with smaller lamps and light sources that you scatter around the room.

Vary! Vary in light, color, heights, and different types of fixtures. Use windows, floors, and small tables to place your lamps on.

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