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Light up your home with LED spotlights

Upgrade your home with energy-efficient and stylish LED spotlights. Our spotlights emit a warm and pleasant light that highlights the best aspects of the room.

Easy to install with spotlight rail

Our spotlight rail makes it easy to install multiple spotlights along the ceiling. Simply attach the rail in the desired position and click on the spotlights as needed. Convenient when you want to illuminate an entire area.

Set the light just the way you want it

Adjust the beam and brightness of each individual spotlight. Point the spotlight at paintings, bookshelves or other surfaces you want to illuminate extra.

Shop for LED spotlights today

Upgrade your home lighting and create atmospheric lighting effects with our LED spotlights. Click here to see the full range of Belid spotlights.

Light Up Your Spaces with Expert Spotlight Tips

Enhance the atmosphere of your home by strategically incorporating LED spotlights in various rooms. Discover our expert suggestions on how to best utilize spotlights for optimal illumination in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, children's room, and hallway.


  • Place spotlights above work areas like counter tops and the stove to improve task lighting.
  • Use ceiling spotlights to create a uniform and bright ambiance throughout the kitchen.
  • Direct spotlights towards open shelves or artwork to highlight specific areas.

Living Room:

  • Install spotlights in the ceiling to establish general lighting in the room.
  • Aim spotlights at bookshelves or artwork to create focused light accents.
  • Utilize dimmable spotlights to adjust the light level based on activity and mood.


  • Position spotlights by the bedside for reading illumination.
  • Employ ceiling spotlights with dimming capabilities for a calm and relaxed evening atmosphere.
  • Direct spotlights towards wardrobes or mirrors to facilitate dressing.

Children's Room:

  • Use colorful spotlights to create a playful and vibrant atmosphere.
  • Place spotlights over the desk or reading nook for effective task lighting.
  • Utilize adjustable spotlights to accommodate changes in the room's use as your child grows.


  • Install spotlights along the corridor to create a well-lit entrance.
  • Aim spotlights at art or decorative elements to establish visual focal points.
  • Incorporate motion sensor spotlights for functional lighting as someone enters the hallway.

Witness firsthand how our diverse spotlight collection can turn each space into a well-lit and aesthetically pleasing haven.

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