We turn the spotlight on... our factory in Varberg


In our new series of articles, we will adress collaborations, projects, events or things that we just think deserves some extra attention. We have, appropriately, chosen to give the articles the title "We turn the spotlight on…”.

The first article is about our factory, located next to the head office in Varberg. Linus Berggren joined Belid 26 years ago, and has been working in the factory ever since. Together with approx. 130 coworkers, Linus manage the workshop, painting and the production. We decided to accompany Linus on a tour to take a closer look at the development taking place in the factory, which in many ways has made Belid's brand to what it is today. A heritage and pride where Swedish craftsmanship is just as tangible as it was 50 years ago.

Belid's factory and headquarter are located in Tångaberg, just north of Varberg. About 200,000 lamps are manufactured here each year - most of them designed and developed by Belid's design team. Some lighting are also made to order from other brands and some are produced in collaboration with external designers, such as most recently with Thomas Sandell - one of Scandinavia's leading architects and designers. It's been more than 50 years since the factory was completed and the first machine started. In 1969, Belid was founded with the vision to develop and manufacture Swedish lighting of high quality. A vision that is fundamentally the same even today. So is the focus on metalworking, which has been distinguishing for Belid's lamps since the start. The processes have been refined and progressed in step with new tools and technological development - but the craftsmanship remains and so does the keywords quality and design. Firmly anchored in the company's DNA.

It is 6.40 AM and Linus just arrived. Work orders begin to be distributed and the day's agenda is planned between the departments.

Tell us about the factory - how would you briefly describe it?

- First of all, I would say that it is a nice workplace with nice coworkers. We work closely with both design teams and project managers which overall contributesto a great flexibility. Beyond that, the factory is characterized by a solid knowledge when it comes to lighting. The craftsmanship is consistent and we try to use as much Swedish materials as possible. Then we rarely say no. There is often a solution, we choose to see opportunities.

How would you say the factory has changed since you started 26 years ago?

- In addition to the fact that we have more employees and that the environment is more pleasant and up to date, there is actually a lot that is the same. Of course, machines have been updated and some new ones have been added, but in general the production is reminiscent of the past. Nowadays we build our own tools and the efficiency has clearly improved. But we take pride in the craftsmanshipand still hand paint several products.

Linus continues to talk about the factory's various departments taking the designer's idea into a final lamp. Depending on the material and the design, the process can vary, but there is no doubt that the possibilities always are plenty and with a high degree of innovation. The factory consists of a design department, a prototype workshop, a tool-workshop, a sewing studio and a machine park for metalworking plus departments for painting, assembly and storage.

- With our own factory, we have great opportunities to adapt to certain ideas or requests fromcustomers. Not least during the pandemic, we saw enormous advantages having our own production using a lot of Swedish-made material.

What are you most proud of?

- That we remain and further invest in Swedish craftsmanship. Too many are moving their factories abroad today. It makes me incredibly proud being able to drive Swedish craftsmanship into the future.

It goes without saying that the factory is the heart of the company's business. Not only the light from Varberg and classics such as Picasso, Diablo and Cato are produced from here. The factory manages a legacy embracing Swedish craftsmanship and shaping Scandinavian lighting design in a timeless spirit. Creating bright moments as much today - as for tomorrow.