Our new collection Horisont a tribute to the coastline


The Horisont collection is a modern and timeless range of lamps that capture the spirit of the times in a classic expression. Made of high-quality materials and with an elegant balance in form and character, the collection consists of a pendant lamp, floor lamp and table lamps in two different sizes, all available in a beautiful metallic champagne color. If you are looking for a sleek and functional lamp that suits all homes and environments, the Horisont collection is an excellent choice.

Our new Horisont collection is a tribute to the coastline, where the name is reflected in both form and origin in Varberg, where we were founded and have been manufacturing since 1969. The Horizon collection is an equally modern and timeless series of ceiling lamps, table lamps, and floor lamps. All lamps in the collection are available in a metallic champagne color that adds an elegant touch to your home.


The Horisont collection is made of Swedish steel plate and mouth-blown opal glass. The distinct shade provides a beautiful contrast to the mouth-blown lower glass, giving the lamp an elegant balance in both form and character. A collection of lamps with timeless design that fits perfectly in all types of homes and environments.


The lamps are manufactured in our own factory here in Varberg, and we always strive to use high-quality materials in our production. This is part of our commitment to providing high standards for our lamps. The Horisont collection is not only stylish but also functional, making it a perfect combination of style and usefulness.


The Horisont collection includes a pendant lamp, a floor lamp, and table lamps in two different sizes. This allows you to choose the type of lamp that best suits your home and needs. Do you want an elegant ceiling lamp that illuminates the entire room or a cozy table lamp to create a cozy atmosphere? Or perhaps a practical floor lamp for reading or working? Whatever you are looking for, there is a lamp in the Horisont collection that suits your needs.